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5 ways to help our planet during lockdown

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You may be asking yourself, what can I do during lockdown?

Covid19 has us all in unknown territory. We’ve put together some planet positive things you can do indoors whilst the world resets.

1. Learn more about our planet

+ Read everything you have at home about nature, the Earth, the environment, animals, plants, biodiversity, recycling and anything else that interests you.

+ Watch nature programmes – Find a comfy spot and search ‘David Attenborough’ on YouTube, Netflix, Prime or your chosen video content provider.

+ Sign up for a free online course about Nature, the Environment, Sustainability or Climate Change. There are lots to try here:

2. Reduce Food Waste

Now you know exactly where you’ll be for every lunch and dinner – at work or at home – you can plan your meals and only buy exactly what you need which means less food is wasted and you have lower food shopping bills.

+ Reduce Food Waste
Supermarkets and pre-packed foods are very quick and easy, but it means more packaging and more waste:

+ Learn how to meal plan
Because we won’t be going out to sit in any restaurants we can plan what to have for each meal ahead of time and that means less waste:

+ Try composting
Have you ever noticed how much leftover food stuff there is when you make a meal? Like banana skins, potato peels and eggshells. This could all be put to good use, even if you live in a flat:

3. Rethink your diet

+ Experiment with plant based meals
Meals that contain no meat can be delicious (think gran’s vegetable soup, mum’s macaroni cheese and the eternal classic, beans on toast) Animal farming isn’t great for the environment so the less meat we eat the better:

+ Choose Local Foods
It makes sense that if something is home grown you know what chemicals were used on it and energy spent growing it :

4. Support conservation from your sofa

Get online and discover what your favourite nature charities are doing and transfer them some money.

+ Wikipedia’s List of Conservation Orgs:

5. Source some sustainable fashion

+ Ethical Fashion on a Budget
Take the time you have been gifted and use it to find out where you can find clothes that don’t cost the Earth. Try searching charity shops online, second hand shops, local clothes swaps etc.:

… you could always download Extincts from your app store and get your friends to do the same. You can play with each other while staying socially distant at home and learn about endangered animals together. There are some incredible creatures currently on the brink of extinction. We give 70% of profits to 4 fabulous charities: IUCN, OAUK, RSPB, WWF, so, if you decide to make any purchases in the app, you know you’re contributing to protect endangered animals.
You could also discover Extincts Shop where you can buy our ethically sourced, organic, sustainable, recyclable clothing and know you’re helping to protect biodiversity while updating your wardrobe.

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