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Extincts CIC is a Social Enterprise with the mission of mobilising the next generation of animal protectors.
Our 100% organic, circular economy clothing has a sustainable supply chain and was designed to be remade after you are finished with it. Reducing waste, increasing awareness of ethical clothing practices.
We generate funds for conservation charities.

Extincts CIC

We set up as a Community Interest Company because we believe in doing business for good and ensuring profits go to good causes.
We give all profits to animal conservation charities:  WWF,  IUCN, OAUK and RSPB.
We are Social Enterprise UK and Social Enterprise Scotland members. 

Extincts CIC Reg: SC618835, Scotland, UK

Meet The Team

Gerry Grattan's smiling face

Gerry Grattan


Lynne Haddow's face

Lynne Haddow


Co-founders Gerry and Lynne have funded and incubated Extincts from the initial spark of an idea to the CIC it is today.

💚Favourite animal: Orangutan  🌍Favourite Charities: Orangutan Appeal UK and WWF

Coalition of the Willing

Our Generous Volunteers – click on each image for more details

Image of Danny Tingle
Image of Dumidu Pathirana
Image of Ella Pitt
Image of Kiki Małgorzata Buchaniec
Image of Lizzy Vroemen
Image of Luis Salvaterra
Image of Melanie Totenberg
Image of Raihana Raffi
Image of Zachary Reeve

Special Thanks

Beautiful Rosie's smiling face.

Rosie Higgins

Game Design & Dev

Reuben's smiling face

Reuben Carter

Game Design & Dev

Rosie and Reuben are the hugely talented creative software engineers from They played a big part in bringing the Extincts digital collectibles game to life. Extincts CIC thank you for your skills and time.  

💚Favourite Animal: Red Headed Vulture 🌍 Favourite Charity: RSPB 

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