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Bornean Orangutan Ethical Clothing Collection

adult orangutan face and hand draped in red tartan cloth stone statue in the back ground green foliage

Collection No. 17975 Bornean Orangutan Edition.

Our circular fashion clothing range starring endangered species:pongo pygmaeus launches today! Choose from four delightful designs:Earth, Foliage, Jungle and Raja (‘King’ in the Malay language of Borneo) You can choose a range of colours for your clothing from our site.

We think it’s cool because it’s organic, sustainable, plastic-free and fully recyclable. We also think it looks pretty good. Made from natural material, organic cotton from sustainable sources. Printed on demand, with vegan-friendly inks, in a renewable energy powered factory on the Isle of Wight, UK. Packaged in plastic-free wrap. Delivered to your door by post. All items are fully recyclable and are created to be returned when you’re finished with them.

Big shout out to our artistic tribe members, Alex McEwan of Albatross Arts CIC and Darren Osborne of 14c Studio, for these beautiful designs.

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