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Earth Day 2022 Celebrations

Design with 24 animals including whale shark, kingfisher, orangutan, bee, snow leopard and turtle

Celebrating The Earth

This Friday will be the 52nd annual Earth Day. People have been coming together for the protection of our planet since 1970., whose mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide, aims to engage more than 1 billion people in protecting our planet. This year the theme for Earth Day is ‘Invest In Our Planet’. You can join the movement by stepping up and doing what you can to protect the Earth. There are many organisations around the world like Let’s Do It! and which make it super easy to find events near you. Everything you do counts, see the United Nations Campaign for Individual Action website to see how you can make a difference in protecting our planet. Earth offer 52 practical suggestions for ways to help here.

‘Appy 3rd Birthday to us!

It’s hard to believe that we launched our first game app 3 years ago! Since our humble beginnings in 2019 we have come a long way. We’ve added new features to the original game, created a mini game, expanded into circular-economy clothing and we are about to embark on brand new territory. Well, it’s not really ‘brand new’ it’s still in the ‘fun-for-the-family’ space. It’s still designed-to-be-remade circular economy. it’s still planet-positive, plastic-free, plant-based and we think, pretty pleasurable.
Cue the drum-roll please… For our third birthday we are launching – Extincts Jigsaw Puzzles!
Who said jigsaws were Extinct?! The rise in popularity of this classic pastime during the covid19 pandemic made us wonder if there was a more eco-friendly, circular-economy, plastic-free possibility. Our suppliers use the latest low-waste technology to create 100% recycled, plant-based, plastic-free puzzles for you to enjoy. We have launched with three options: ‘Extincts Designs‘, ‘Classic Packaging‘, ‘Nothing Left’. These puzzles are not for young kids as they are 1,000 pieces. They were designed with the conservation-conscious consumer in mind.
We’ve added them to our Create Studio too so you can upload your own designs.

Earth Day T-shirt Competition

This year we are hosting a competition to celebrate our birthday and Earth day. It is easy to enter and open to everyone so the whole family can get involved. All you have to do is create a design based on The Earth, Environment, Climate Change, Animals or Nature. When you have created your design, just post a picture of it on your favourite social media channels and tag us so we see it or email it to us at
The prize will be a coveted Extincts bespoke t-shirt featuring your design. You can find the full T&Cs here. The winner will be drawn at random on Friday April 22nd at 4.22pm and announced on our website.

Extincts Earth Day Discussion

We’d love for you to join us this Earth Day for an Extincts Earth Day Discussion. It will be an informal virtual gathering of planet-positive people on the Extincts CIC island in Grapevine at 16:50UTC on Friday 22nd April 2022. Come along and share your thoughts on how we can better serve our planet.

Preventing Plastic Pollution

To top it off, this weekend we are sponsoring a program to recover 1kg of ocean-bound plastic for each order placed. Our friends at Plastic Bank have removed over 48 million kilograms of ocean-bound plastic and we’re teaming up with them to bring you this event. When you order from our shop between 9am Friday 22nd and midnight Sunday 24th April, your purchase will pay collectors in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil to recover plastic from the coast that would have ended up in our oceans, wreaking havoc for marine life.
See our blog here.

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