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Extincts App: The Story so far

Extincts home screen showing space, the milky way, the moon, the community space ark, the rangers flivver and prof V's lab.

1. Timeline

Way back in the year 2100, the Earth was damaged by climate change. By 2200 humans had moved to an existence in space stations orbiting the Earth. Extincts is set in the year 2300, nature has healed the Earth and is ready for animal life again.

2. State of the Earth

Old Earth was dry and barren in 2100, but has since repaired itself. Plants, ice caps and a habitable atmosphere have returned. It is rich and plentiful but there are no animals and although it has regenerated, no one seems to have noticed.

3. setting

Humans are now living on a series of space arks, which are a string of space stations, that people can travel to and from in small flivvers and space crafts. There are cities within the arks named after the old cities of Earth such as LondArk, SingapArk, NewyArk, MadrArk. The home screen features your local ark community, Professor V’s lab and the Space Broker’s ship.

4. culture

There’s something missing to life but no one can figure out what it is. Humans are eating horrible space-grown vegetable called Kedge and grey über chicken, an overly optimised type of lab-grown protein. The foods are 100% nutritional and also serve as a combustible fuel, however they taste horrible and bland. Clothes are self-washing overalls and AI robots perform all mundane tasks. Art and music is really dry and boring. Humans have all their needs met but there is an emotional connection is missing and they don’t feel fulfilled.

5. Characters

Professor V, the ‘mad’ scientist

Born in 2240, to parents who were pioneers in the asteroid mining industry, she is following in their adventurous footsteps. Obsessed with history and the 21st century, Prof V wants to figure out why everything went wrong but no one pays attention. It was a tough journey to get to where she is now, none of her colleagues at the Institute For Space and Earth Studies have ever seen the value of her research. She is ambitious but sometimes naive. She works in an old rusty lab module at the Research Institute with loads of old equipment from the past. 

Your Avatar

Prof V’s AI robot assistant. Makes insightful observations about the world that the grown ups have missed. Doesn’t quite understand why humans act the way they do. Even Prof V doesn’t always use the sound advice and can be slightly dismissive.

The Space Broker

Is a rugged and adventurer. He travels to the ‘off limits’ parts of Old Earth to bring back rare and precious artefacts for cash. Recently he’s got quite a cushy gig working for Prof V and bringing her samples from far flung corners of the Earth, for a fee.

6. Mission

You are a brilliant, emerging scientist in the year 2300. People have built a comfortable life in space and have everything they need but something is missing. Knowledge of biodiversity has been lost. Prof V has built a machine to harness the amazing regenerative powers of a special substance that her parents discovered. She plans to bring back the wonderful creatures of the 21st century to restore biodiversity to the world in a secret mission to Rewild our World. But, in order for the machine to work you need to scan DNA samples and data (collectable artefact cards).

Extincts home screen showing space, the milky way, the moon, the community space ark, the rangers flivver and prof V's lab.
Extincts Home Screen

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