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Goodbye to Extincts App

Extincts digital collectibles app space scene with Professor V, her lab and two players avatars
Shows screenshots of the game on both tablet and mobile phone

Thank You & Farewell

Thank you and Farewell!

To all who have been a valued part of the Extincts Tribe and we thank you for engaging with our games. 

We’re sorry to say goodbye to the Extincts digital collectibles app. We chose to close the app as the financial, time and energy costs required to run it have become unsustainable. It’s a sad time for us at Extincts CIC. However, we’re happy that so many players learned about endangered animals while playing our games.

The Extincts App will no longer be accessible after the 31st of October 2022. 
It will be removed from the app stores and just be extinct.

You won’t lose your hard earned collection. You can download all the artefact cards to keep at

Our team of volunteers have been amazingly generous with their time and we like to openly thank them here for all their input over the last three years.

The good news is that our animal conservation beneficiaries are doing some very cool stuff and we hope you will continue to support them directly: IUCNOAUKWWF and RSPB

WWF Together App
Our friends at WWF have created great apps to find out more about endangered animals.

WWF Forests App Augmented Reality animals in your living room
The WWF Forests App uses Augmented Reality (AR) to allow you to explore forests in your own space!

What’s next from Extincts CIC?
We will continue to raise awareness about endangered animals and give our profits to conservation charities. You can still find our plastic-free sustainable products at and get updates from our core beneficiaries on our social media channels. Thanks again!

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