How to play Extincts

Extincts avatar in space with stars

Adults, this is for you because we know kids instinctively know how to play stuff.

What you need:

Internet connection and an email address for registration. (This ensures consent from parent/ guardian/ bill payer)

First time set-up:

+ Download the Extincts app to your tablet or smartphone

+ Open the app

+ Watch the 3-minute backstory video together with your kids

+ Tap the ‘Play’ button to Log In

+ Tap the ‘Register’ button


Choose your avatar: Use the 6 arrows on the left and right to choose your avatar’s head, body and paws/ hooves/ wings or flippers, in any combination you like. When you’re happy with your choices, tap the button at the bottom right to move on. 

Choose your Nickname: use the refresh button  under the suggested names till you find one you like, tap the button at the bottom right to move on.

+ Enter the email you wish to register with
+ Create a password and enter it in both spaces.

You’re ready to play!

Inside the game:

Portals are outlined with glowing markings so you can explore the three main areas: Professor V’s Lab, the Space Broker’s Ship and the Community Space Ark 


Professor V’s Lab: Here you can curate your animal collection inside Professor V’s DNA machine. Each card has some digital DNA and information for you to find out about the animals on them. 


The Space Broker’s Ship: Here you can buy packs of artefact cards; 1 pack=10 cards cost 10 coins. You have 20 coins in your wallet to start with, enough for 2 packs. You’ll have to buy more coins if you run out. You can buy more coins with an in-app purchase by tapping on the till just in front of the Space Broker. Always get permission from the bill payer first.

Cost of coins:

10 coins = £1.99

50 coins = £7.99

100 coins = £13.99

as at 20 April 2020 in GBP. Please check your app store for your currency equivalent.


The Community Space Ark: Here you can find friends to trade your duplicate cards with by tapping on the search icon on your avatar’s belly. Tap on ‘search for friends’ and type in your friend’s nickname. Tap on the + to add them.  Your friend will have to be online to accept your request before you can chat and trade.  When you select your friend, they will appear where the hologram avatar is hovering on the right. 

Choose chat or trade.

You can chat with predefined words and phrases, animal icons and emojis. 

You can only trade cards you have more than one of (duplicates)

To trade, simply tap on any cards you want to swap and you’ll see them appear on the right of the trade screen, maximum 4 cards per trade, press the green button to confirm.

Your friend will choose the cards they wish to swap and if you both press the green button, the trade will be made. You will now have your friend’s traded cards in your collection.

Head back to Professor V’s Lab to see your updated collection!


Like a digital sticker book, players buy packs of cards to build their collection. Collect all four cards for any animal and that animal becomes a part of your collection forever. Once all four artefact cards for an animal are inserted into Prof V’s DNA machine, a green button will appear which, when clicked, will start the lab’s 3D printer and build a 3D model for your collection.


These animals will feature in future gameplay when players help to rewild the world by reintroducing the animals to suitable habitats…

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