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Kingfisher Collection

kingfisher tail feathers

Meet Alcedo, Alcedo Euryzona, also known as the Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher. We have four ravishing renditions available from today: Kingfisher Edition, Nest, Pattern and Tail Feathers

Collection No.2272691 Javan Blue-banded Kingfisher. Another critically endangered species, these tiny creatures live in natural forests and inland wetlands. Their homes are under threat from deforestation for agricultural land, among other things.

At Extincts CIC we are trying to connect people with the natural world and although buying a t-shirt from us today isn’t going to save any Kingfishers this week, the fact that you didn’t buy one from a fast-fashion shop means a lot. Small changes make huge differences.

Drawing of a Javan Blue-banded kingfisher bird sitting on a branch.

Thanks again to Alex McEwan of Albatross Arts CIC and Darren Osborne of 14c Studio for these gorgeous designs. 💙🌍🦚

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