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Marvellous May Ahead

Easy ways to help bees

The month of May contains several marvellous events that the Extincts CIC team are looking forward to.
Here is a heads up on three of the events and a few other pieces of news.

World Bee Day 20th May

Where would we be without the bees? Bees are responsible for the food on our plates, the flowers in our gardens and if feeding the entire planet wasn’t already enough, they also help to mitigate the effects of climate change. Help raise awareness of the importance of bees by creating a buzz on social media on the 20th May. #SaveTheBees

Endangered Species Day 20th May

More than 40,000 species are threatened with extinction, according to the latest assessments by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). On the 20th of May it is Endangered Species Day which provides people around the world a chance to celebrate, learn, and take action to protect threatened and endangered species. #EndangeredSpecies

Image source: IUCN Red List Website on 30th April 2022

shellebrate” Turtle Day 23rd May

The day was created as a yearly spotlight to help people celebrate and protect turtles and their disappearing habitats around the world. Learn more at

Extincts turtle designs

💚🌍🌱 Some other news 💚🌍🌱

Our sustainable jigsaw collection is now available on the store, we’ve written a little about them here

Will have two deal weekends this month, so keep an eye out for them.

  • 🌱 Freepost from 29/04 to 02/05
  • 💚 Buy One Get One Tree from 13/05 to 15/05

Have a great May everyone!

#EndangeredSpecies #Extincts #YouPlayNatureWins


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