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We are Extincts CIC, a community interest company and social enterprise concerned with the protection and conservation of biodiversity on Earth.

We are based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK where our co-founders, Lynne Haddow and Gerard Grattan, have bootstrapped the venture from initial idea in August 2018, to the Extincts game and clothing line available today.

Extincts game is a digital collectibles app*. Set 200 years in the future when all other animals are extinct and humans are living in space arks while the Earth regenerates. Players collect artefact cards which contain information, digital DNA, of 21st century endangered animals. Artefact cards can be bought in packs of ten and duplicates swapped with online selected friends. 70% of all profits go to conservation charities and non-profit organisations. The other 30% goes back into the business to improve and expand Extincts gameplay.

Available on the iOS and Google Play app stores, the app was created for smartphones and tablets.

Released on Earth Day, 22nd April 2019, Extincts is aimed at kids aged 6-12, but is suitable for all ages.

Extincts clothing is ethically made, sustainably sourced, all certified organic materials. The manufacturing process recycles its water and uses renewable energy. There are no animal products or plastics in our clothing so it is vegan and planet friendly.

We aim to mobilise the next generation of animal protectors through fun, educational, digital game experiences. Helping to save the planet while maximising the educational aspect of screen time.

We are concerned with the rapid loss of biodiversity through deforestation and other harmful human activities. We want to save our planet and we think that educating little people and engaging young animal lovers with fun digital experiences to spark their interest in protecting biodiversity, is the way to go.

*Digital Collectibles App – like a digital sticker book, players buy packs of artefact cards to build their collection. Artefact cards contain information about 21st century, currently endangered animals. Collect all four cards for any animal and that animal becomes a part of your collection forever. These animals will feature in future gameplay when players help to rewild the world by reintroducing the animals to suitable habitats. Any duplicate cards can be traded with other online friends to help them build their collections.

As at 21st September 2020:

10 coins £1.99 = 1 pack = 10 cards
50 coins £7.99 = 5 packs = 50 cards
100 coins £13.99 =10 packs = 100 cards



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