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A sustainable jigsaw? We are the missing piece

Jigsaw Puzzle Pierre Bamin Lmh

We have launched a new range of jigsaws, made sustainably

Our puzzle designs will be based on nature, biodiversity and conservation with different designs being released over the next few months for a range of ages and skills.

As with all our products our profits go to conservation charities to make sure we protect biodiversity and the planet we live on.

Aren’t you a clothing brand? why jigsaws?

Two main reasons:

1) We know you want to rebalance your screen time with more non-screen time activities

Jigsaws are screen-free downtime, everyday escapism, and fun for anyone from serious puzzlers to people looking to spend some time together that does not involve TV streaming services.

2) We know you want more of your products to be sustainably made

Most puzzles are mass produced, laminated with plastic, sealed with single use plastic film and shipped in an oversized box filled mainly with air. Our suppliers use real-time manufacturing technology to create on-demand puzzles, meaning there’s no wasteful overproduction – just what you need, when you need it. Extincts puzzles are made from 100% recycled cardboard so they are plant-based and plastic-free and created using renewable energy.

Everyone can now experience sustainable puzzles safe in the knowledge that their fun is giving back to the planet rather than causing it a problem.

two people making a sustainable blant-based plastic-free jigsaw of a hedgehog
— Our suppliers technology means our puzzles are just as fun, but don’t cost the Earth.

Great designs make puzzling fun and challenging

Puzzles are an art form in their own right. We have some exciting designs which we are testing at the moment and working to bring different sizes and levels of challenging puzzles to you.

We are starting with three puzzles that will be a great challenge to all jigsaw enthusiasts… Check out our jigsaw collection

Extincts animal designs on jigsaw
jigsaw puzzle showing Extincts packaging design
Jagsaw puzzle on white table

Feeling inspired and ready to create your own sustainable jigsaw puzzles? Custom printed photo puzzles are available in the Extincts Create Studio too, so you can make selfie puzzles and other custom orders for yourself and your loved ones.

We’re off to go do a puzzle. Share your designs and feedback with us 🙂

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